Fly Fishing Mobile, AL
Southern Pike

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself. You look at your surroundings, then take a look at the fish you just caught, and it makes no sense. I was invited on a scenic trip on the lower Escatawpa River last Saturday by friend Bill Heiter. We launched from an ancient fish camp in Pecan, Mississippi.

The trip started at 5:30AM in November. The explanation was that we would see more waterfowl, primarily wood ducks, if we started early and froze our butts off. No ice on the boat house, but chilly enough to warrant a heavy winter coat. The coat pockets were stuffed with forgotten moonpies from last spring's Mardi Gras.

As promised, the waterway was filled with wood ducks, sometimes a dozen or so, mostly in pairs. The sun began to peak over the tops of tupelo and cypress as we motored up the river, transitioning from estuary to fresh water.

We passed mouths of feeder creeks and went as far as Big Creek. After pushing up into an oxbow we began to fish. We caught the requisite bluegills on woolly buggers. But then it happened, a bigger than expected flash that pulled harder than expected. Brought to the boat a toothy pickerel, cousin to the northern pike I caught as a child on trips to Canada.

Enjoy some of the scenery along the Escatawpa River....